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New Freelance Lawyering Success Packages to Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2012

January 4th, 2012 · 3 Comments

Freelance Freedom recordingThe new year is a perfect time to implement new plans. Whether you want to get started as a freelance lawyer or expand your freelance law practice this year, LRWP’s new Freelance Lawyering Success Packages can help you achieve your goal.

The core of the Freelance Lawyering Success Packages is the Freelance Freedom recording. In this 2.5-hr. video, I answer these important questions:

  • What is the most powerful way to market your services as a freelance lawyer?
  • How much should you charge, and how can you make sure you get paid?
  • What ethical issues arise in the freelance lawyering relationship, and how are those resolved?
  • Should you obtain your own malpractice insurance?
  • If you want to concentrate on legal research and writing, do you need your own Lexis or Westlaw/WestlawNext subscription? How can you get the best deal from these companies? What alternatives are available?
  • How can you compete with foreign LPOs?
  • What impact will the ABA Ethics 20/20 Commission’s revised initial proposal concerning changes to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct have on freelance attorneys and the lawyers who hire them?
  • Why is a shaky economy good news for freelance lawyers?

This recording is chock-full of information for all types of contract lawyers—whether you want to handle depositions for other lawyers, assist with discovery or trial prep, cover court appearances, or offer legal research and writing services.

Freelance Freedom Companion GuideAll of the Success Packages also include the Freelance Freedom Companion Guide. This unique e-book contains a comprehensive collection of ethics opinions from across the country that are relevant to freelance lawyers and the attorneys who hire them. As a bonus, you also get a sample services agreement (in MS Word format)—the same agreement I use in my own successful practice as a freelance lawyer.

Visit the LRWP products page for more information about the Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus Freelance Lawyering Success Packages.

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    Thanks for adding to the comments. Good to hear from people follow this rule. Cheers,


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    Great post. I must confess to premature posting. I think it’s for two reasons: 1. As a writer with a day job, I seem to be always in a hurry, and often able to write only in short, defined spaces of time and 2. I’m a naturally impatient person. So your post is an excellent reminder for someone like me. Thanks, too, for the tips on how to structure and title a great post. I’m sure I’m like many other blogger-writers, in that I’ve kind of muddled through and learned more by example than by actual instruction. Thank you.


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